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Webster University Thailand gives students a 360° education in a welcoming environment, aimed at enhancing academic performance and campus life; creating well-rounded global citizens with career-ready life skills. At Webster, we believe that Learning Happens Everywhere, to learn more, contact your Student Affairs Team!

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Important Announcements

  • If you have recently traveled out of Thailand, please submit your passport to the Student Affairs office to update your VISA reminders!
  • If you have recently changed your housing or residence, please make sure your address has been reported within 24 hours by your building management. If you are living at Webster Housing, please bring your passport to the Student Affairs Office so we can ensure that your address has been reported. You need to report your residence before doing 90 Days report and Visa Extensions. Failure to report your address will incur late reporting fees.
  • Immigration regularly updates their requirements for Student Visa Extensions, so keep up-to-date with VISA news.
  • Please remember, Your Visa is Your Responsibility so be on time to avoid paying fines!