1. What kind of connections does Webster have with companies in Bangkok/Thailand?

Over the past years, the Career Development and Planning Center has been hosting annual - and sometimes biannual - Career and Internship Fairs where over 20 companies come to Webster Bangkok and interview our students. Many of our students have gotten internships through these fairs. Webster is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and also has a Rotaract Club opening networking opportunities with many businesses and organizations in Thailand.

2. Which month can students of Webster University do internships?

At Webster, students are free to do internship throughout the year. There is no specific requirement on the starting date of the internship. However, we do have two major intakes and one summer as follow:

January – May (Spring)

June – July (Summer)

August – December (Fall)

Our graduate students can do internship anytime of the year given that they only have evening classes. For undergrad students, it is recommended that they should do internship in summer session to avoid time conflict with their class schedules.

3. How long does a typical internship last?

It depends on the agreement between the company and the students. Usually, it last for 3 months.

4. Do we need work permit to do an internship?

No, students can do internship under their student visa as long as they receive approval letter signed by the Director of Academics stating that internship is part of the curriculum.

5. Can I do internships for Academic Credit?

Yes, you can do internships for Academic Credit but there are certain requirements you need to fulfil. To learn more about these, contact your Academic Advisor and Head of Department. You need pre-approval to get credit for an internship. If you don't know who to contact, email with your full name and student ID number and send an inquiry.

6. Can I get paid as an intern?

According to Thai law, it is illegal for students to get the salary for their internship. Our internship is for educational purpose. However, the company may offer “stipend” to the students.

7. Is there any document that I need if I don't do internship for credit and just for my resume?

Yes, once the internship is confirmed, please contact Dr. Tipnuch, the Career Planning and Development Manager at She will process the internship letter for you and the company to certify that this internship is part of the curriculum. Without the letter from the university, you are putting your legal status as a student at risk and your student visa could be canceled.

8. How does Webster help me prepare for my internship?

Apart from the online resources that we provide, we also conduct workshops every semester by bringing in professional guest speakers who can provide their valuable time and knowledge to our students. We also conduct mock interviews to help our students practice their interview skills and take our students to field trips to companies where they can experience first-hand the professional working life in a particular industry.