Student Visa

Student Visa for New & Returning Students

When a student enters Thailand with a Non-Immigrant Education Visa, or the Non-ED Visa, issued by a Thai Embassy outside Thailand, you will be granted 90 days duration of stay, and NOT 1 year. Approximately 60 days after your arrival in Thailand, or 30 days before your student visa expires, you are required to submit your original passport to the Webster University Thailand (WUT) Visa Officer. The Visa Officer will first check whether you have fulfilled the full-time student criteria as follows:

  • Must register for at least 12 credits in a semester for Undergraduate students and at least 9 credits in a semester for Graduate students.
  • Must have registered every semester (Summer term is optional).
  • Must not be on any Academic/Admissions/Financial/Disciplinary hold.

If you have fulfilled all of the above criteria, our staff will prepare the necessary documents and inform you about the document you need to prepare as well (Housing documents, photograph, etc). Our staff will also accompany you to the Thai Immigration Office to extend your student visa which is extended for 6 months for the first extension. Please note that some students may be given a shorter visa extension than one year at the second extension period depending on each individual student’s registration history, passport validity, etc.

If at any time after the student visa extension, you no longer meet the above criteria for any reason, WUT will notify the Thai Immigration Office that you no longer meet the requirements for the student visa, which will result in an immediate cancellation of your student visa sponsored by WUT.

VISA Fees Summary

Students are responsible for all fees and fines related to the student visa. The following fees and fines must be paid directly to the Thai Immigration Office.

  • Visa extension fee: 1,900 THB
  • Single re-entry permit: 1,000 THB
  • Multiple re-entry permit: 3,800 THB

- Visa transfer fee from an old passport to a new one: 500 THB

- Certificate of residence to apply for a driving license: 500 THB

- Overstay fine: 500 THB per day, Maximum overstay 40 days (20,000 THB)

- 90-days report’s late notification fine: 2,000-5,000 THB

- Change of address late notification fine: 2,000 THB

What do I need to prepare for my VISA?

Report of Residence (When you move to a new residence):

  • Valid Housing Contract
  • Owner's ID and House Registration Book

Note: If you live at university housing, we will do this for you upon arrival.

90-Days Report (Needs to be reported every 90 days):

  • Valid Passport
  • Completed Report of Residence (Once you report your residence

Note: If you exit the country and re-enter Thailand, your 90-days clock will restart. Please submit your passport every time you return so we can update your reminder.

Visa Extension

  • Completed Report of Residence
  • Documents from University (students must submit passport on time according to reminder date for the documents to be prepared on time)
  • Housing Contract, Owner's ID and House Registration Book
  • Classmate Certification and Classmate's Passport Copies (multiple pages) signed by classmate (Bring to Student Affairs office to make free copies)
  • Passport Size Picture (1)
  • Visa Fees (1,900 Baht)

Re-entry Permit (Needs to be purchased BEFORE exiting the Kingdom of Thailand)

  • Valid Passport (minimum 6 months validity)
  • Passport Size Picture (1)
  • Re-entry Fees
    • Single Re-entry: 1,000 THB (Valid only for 1 time use)
    • Multiple Re-entry: 3,800 THB (Valid for multiple usage but expires when the VISA expires)
  • **A multiple re-entry permit is recommended only if you wish to exit and enter Thailand on multiple occasions during the period of your student visa validity.

T.M.6 or Departure Card. Please keep this in your passport at all times.