Cha-am Housing

Single/Shared/Quad Rooms, include:

  • Bed, Mattress, Bedsheet, Pillow, Pillow-case & Blanket
  • Television
  • Microwave (no cooking allowed) & Water Heater
  • Toilet and Shower (no toiletries)
  • Refrigerator, A/C
  • Pantry area (sink, tap, cabinet)
  • Balcony (no smoking or drinking in the rooms)
  • Library and Study Areas
  • Cafe/Restaurant (Free breakfast and snacks)
  • Washing Machine and Dryer (common area)
  • Free Drinking Water (common filter)
  • Outdoor Cooking Area
  • Fitness Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • CCTV
  • Cleaning Service
  • Parking
  • Webster Bus Stop

Important Housing Documents

Resident Assistants

At Sala Housing, we have two full-time Resident Assistants who are on call 24/7 for any emergency situations. The RAs will be meeting new students upon check-in and can be reached if there are any urgent matters.

Respectful Cohabitation

As a resident of our university housing, we request that all residents are respectful towards their neighbors' privacy and space. If you have roommate(s), please respect their space and be mindful of things that may cause others discomfort.

If you are having any issues with your room, your roommate or other residents, you may speak with our Resident Assistants or Student Affairs Staff or email to set an appointment.